Professional Learning Opportunities

I can help your department with…

Fostering Global Citizenship through Art – using purposeful creativity to embed global competency in the art program

Expanding Your Vision – visual arts curriculum review

Designing Authentic Artistic Experience – building thematic units including authentic assessment

Enhancing Critical Analysis – developing analytical writing and language enrichment


some of my recent writings

Does art class breed illiteracy?
What your art teacher is thinking about - Understanding the complexity behind the curtain
"Art Can't Change the World...or can it?"​ A critique of an art project at the International School of Beijing, part 1
Help your middle and high school art students take their writing about art to the next level.
Discovering art doesn't happen by accident

Workshops & Presentations

sample presentations hosted at various education conferences 

Art Can't Change the World...or can it? ARWAE, Hong Kong, 2018

Burying the Bauhaus ARWAE, Beijing, 2017

Enhancing Critical Analysis In and Through the Art Program EARCOS, Manila, 2016

Spray Paint, Gunpowder, and the Grandmother EARCOS, Shanghai, 2015

New Foundations ARWAE, Hong Kong 2013

Art at the Core ARWAE, Singapore, 2010