A well-designed art program presents students with an authentic artistic experience, allows for the construction of knowledge about society and culture, and helps define a larger vision of what it means to be a global citizen.  Not only are students learning about the transformative power of art, they are also preparing to move into the rapidly and ever-changing world that awaits them.  By making clear the cognitive objectives of the curriculum, students develop an ability to assess and critique their understanding.  When that curriculum includes teaching the wider-reaching skills of creating, collaborating, and communicating, students develop real-world competency. Recognizing that you are acquiring these abilities is deeply satisfying and motivating.  It makes the learning relevant, valuable and genuinely applicable to their lives.


  • Visiting Artist residencies featuring projects on developing global competency through art
  • Professional Development workshops for art teachers on curriculum development
  • IBO Diploma and MYP experience in the Visual Arts
  • Creator and producer, ISB Art History Channel, on YouTube


  • Visiting Artist residency, American Embassy School, New Delhi, 2019
  • Improving Critical Analysis, Chinese International School, Hong Kong 2019
  • Visiting Artist Residency, HKUGA School, Hong Kong, 2019


  • Art Education Can’t Change the World…or can it?, Shekou SDG Summit, 2019
  • Art can’t change the world…or can it, ARWAE conference, Hong Kong, 2018
  • Burying the Bauhaus, ARWAE conference, Beijing 2017
  • Enhancing critical analysis in and through the art program EARCOS conference, Manila 2016
  • Tools for helping kids how to do effective critical analysis, Asia Region Art Educators conference, Chiang Mai, 2015
  • New Foundations, New Projects, Asia Region Art Educators conference, Hong Kong, 2013
  • Moving Students from Description to Analysis, Asia Region Art Educators conference, Taipei, EARCOS, Shanghai, 2012
  • Art at the Core, Preparing Students for the 21st Century, Asia Region Art Educators conference, Singapore, 2010


  • Inspiring Young Artists in 3D: 10 projects that engage high school art students in authentic artistic thinking about three-dimensional form, book published 2018
  • Inspiring Young Artists: 8 projects that engage high school art students in authentic artistic thinking, book published 2018
  • Upping Your Comparative Study Game, IB Review, October 2018
  • Occasionally you can see the mountains clearly – thoughts on an art education practice for our times, art education website
  • Using form, theme, and context to develop student analytical writing in the DP Visual Arts course, IB Journal of Teaching Practice, 1, Issue 1, 2012


  • The International School of Beijing, Beijing, China, 2011 – 2019, Visual Arts Teacher grades 9 – 12
  • The American School of Bombay, Mumbai, India, 2005 – 2011, Visual Arts Teacher, grades 7 – 12
  • The Casablanca American School, Casablanca, Morocco, 1999 -2005, Art Teacher, grades 8 – 12 



  • Professional Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, K-12, State of California
  • California State University, Los Angeles, CA – Multiple Subject Credential Program
  • The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Master of Fine Arts
  • The University of Dayton, Dayton, OH, Bachelor of Fine Arts, cum laude


  •  Head of Department, Performing and Visual Arts, 2006 – 09
  • Administrator, Asian Region Art Educators, 2016 – present
  • Teachers Teaching Teachers Professional Development workshop leader, 2011- 2013
  • High School Assessment Development Task Force, 2011
  • Instructional Team for Professional Development, 2007 – 09
  • High School Leadership Team, 2010
  • 5-10 Year Strategic Plan Action Team, 2010
  • Visual Arts Curriculum Review, 2008
  • Focus Group Leader, standards review, Art, Music, Theate