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What happens visually when a painter goes beyond the boundaries of a rectangle? In this project students explore making a painting that uses the illusion of 3D space with actual 3D space – in essence exploding the canvas.

Students will plan and work on a painting using foam-core as the support. They will build models to work out the engineering of their paintings and then complete a larger, final version. This project is appropriate for grades 7-12

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Student Work

from the Death of Art project


As artists and other thinkers began to dissect the modernist ideal of progress, a new approach to evaluating culture emerged. Known as post-modernism, these ideas changed art significantly, giving rise to new art forms.

Working individually, or as a group, students will choose a public place on campus to make private using the methods of installation or performance art. This project is appropriate for grades 10-12

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Student Work

from the Exploding the Canvas project


Is it possible to destroy the idea of art? In the early 20th century some artists tried. In this project students try to make anti-art objects that convey meaning while rejecting all aesthetic norms.

Using anything and everything, students will attempt to defile, eradicate, and refute all artistic value in trying to make art that is purposefully ugly and bad. With the pressure to make something good removed from this project, often some of the most visually interesting student work is produced. This project is appropriate for grades 7-12

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Student Work

from the Off the Wall project

I’m fully booked for Artist Residencies working with students through 2021, but I’m still available for weekend, or online, Professional Development workshops with art teachers or for Visual Arts curriculum review consultations.

I'm based in Hong Kong but have passport in hand.