Masks for the 21st Century

During the third cycle of home learning during the HK school suspensions in February, the junior form (grades 7 – 9) inspired by the events in HK, studied masks from different cultures and then created their own masks for a 21st century supernatural being.  Below are some of the more interesting examples so far. The assignment and resources can be found below the gallery.

Assignment and Resources

Fung Chan, Chaoying Su, Brian Reverman

Masks for a 21st century  being

Your task is to investigate the art and history of Masks in different cultures. The video below shows masks from a few different cultures. Choose 2 cultures and compare how masks are used in each culture. You can find lots of good information on this site Think about…

-What is the main reason that masks are used by these people?
– How does the way the mask looks help to reflect the mask’s purpose?
– What are the main differences in the way that the masks from each culture are used and look?

Write your research on the single side of the A4 paper (2 pages minimum). Be sure to include an illustration of an example of a mask for each culture. Keep this research work in a good condition as it will be incorporated in your school sketch book when the class resumes.

Part 2

Design a mask for a 21st century supernatural being. Because your art supplies may be limited you can make this a 2D design, but if you have the materials you can go 3D like the artists in the video!

1. You can use your own sketch book or any piece of paper and the art supplies you can find at home. Pencil, colour pen, digital drawing tools etc.
2. Observe and use your imagination to express yourself on the page. Process quality you have put into the task is more important.
3. Time of each challenge should not less than 40 minutes.
4. Submit your work in the “Assignment”, and type your name, class, class number and work concept in the comment box of your upload.