In Your Honor

What type of building will be erected in your honor after you become famous for your contributions to humanity? In this project, students designed the facade of that building using the novelty architecture style. Here are some of the more interesting designs so far. Assignment and resources can be found below the gallery.

Assignments and Resources


What will you be when you grow up? What would you want to be famous for? Sometimes, we erect buildings in the honor of those people who have contributed much to society. In this project you will be the architect for the building that will be erected in your honor for your contributions.

Watch the video “Buildings beyond Brunellschi”

Part 1 – Identifying Architectural Elements (Understanding)

Take a look at the 5 different styles of architecture from around the world in the slideshow “Architectural Styles” (see below). Complete the assignment “Understanding Architecture” (see below)

Part 2 – Be an Architect (Envisioning and Developing Craft)

Take a look at the slideshow “Novelty Architecture” (see below)

Using the novelty architecture style, design the façade (the front entry way, see the examples below) of a building that will be erected in your honor after you have become famous in your career. If you want to be an actor maybe the building will be a theater, a doctor – a hospital, or a chef a restaurant.

The building should be made of elements that clearly indicate what your profession was to anyone who passes by. It should employ some humor to make sure you catch the attention of people. BELOW YOU WILL FIND THE RESOURCES TO HELP YOU.

You will need your sketchbook (or some A4 paper), and some drawing tools. If you want to go 3D you will need some cardboard, scissors or utility knife, a cutting board, and a glue gun.

1. take a look at the slideshow: Novelty architecture

2. Make at least 3 quick sketches for ideas (there are some examples in the resources below)

3.. For your final project you may…
• draw your design
• Or you may build it out of cardboard (if you have the necessary tools at home eg. cutting board, glue gun, exacto
knife, etc.)

Part 3 – What did you learn? (Reflections)

1. Explain how the various elements in your design use novelty architecture to show what you have been honored for.
2. Describe briefly in sentences the process you used to create this challenge.
3. Which part is the easiest when working on this challenge? Write in full sentences.