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Learn how to create authentic artistic experiences while integrating the principles of fostering global citizenship into your curriculum.


Most frequent questions and answers

This project can be adapted to elementary, high, or middle school students. Multiple classes can participate. It is flexible in both time and scope, and in consultation with the school’s art teachers, will be designed to meet the needs of your art program.

It is possible to include grade levels across the school in coordinated activities depending on how broad your initiative is. I can provide presentations for all grade levels. Let’s talk.

The media and materials used are not fixed – students can use multi-media, installation, performance art, photography, you name it.  This project is theme- based and therefore adaptable to the needs of your curriculum. Schools provide the materials. If there’s a genre you’d like to stretch your students with, let me know. 

A residency is based on your needs, but I recommend  two weeks (minimum) up to four weeks (maximum). One full day should be for planning with teachers involved in the project. The extent of the project can be adapted to fit your schedule. In a shorter visit I can get you and your students set up and started and then hand it off to you. I’m very flexible, let’s work something out. 

During a residency, I work primarily with students. A professional development workshop with teachers is included in the residency if desired. Professional development workshops can be scheduled for teachers without the visiting artist residency if that is what your school would prefer.

The default result of this project is an exhibition. Students will be making interactive artworks which could result in one large collaborative work, small group works, or individual works. The outcome will also include a group of more empathetic, empowered global citizens.

I’m fully booked for Artist Residencies working with students through 2024, but I’m still available for weekend, or online, Professional Development workshops with art teachers or for Visual Arts curriculum review consultations.

I'm based in Hong Kong but have passport in hand.