Visiting Artist Residency, AES New Delhi

August 26 - September 6

On a recent visit to AES, I had the opportunity to work with middle and high school art students and the K-12 art faculty. In the middle school mixed media class we worked on visual storytelling and the power of design of a designer to communicate. Collaborating with the MS Maker Space teachers, we created a robot design challenge for he MS makers space class.

The high school advanced class worked on exploring paintings that go beyond the picture plane in the “Exploding the Canvas” project. IB Year 1 students worked with me on making their analysis of art more effective. In the IB Year 2 class, we tuned up the writing and artwork of the students as they prepared for their mock exam.

On my last day, I worked with the K-12 art teachers examining their department philosophy, curriculum structure and developing creativity, critical thinking, language use, and global competence in their classrooms. Their openness and energy that they put into thinking about and refining their practice was inspiring.